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Record Mirroir (UK) – March 23 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” Dutch (TINK!006) review.

“Sing a song of love, in times of war …” wails Wendell rather poignantly on this Hammond-driven garage groove that sounds more like it was recorded in New York five years ago than five weeks ago in Holland. An absolute superb disco record with excellent vocals that remind me of a Marshall Jefferson production or a Ce Ce Rodgers record. I just can’t believe that such a fine record hails from that raver’s paradise of Amsterdam. (GP)


DMR Dance Music Report (USA) – May 11-31 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” (TINK!006) review.

I was a little surprised when Abigale at Movin’ Records told me that I had to have this record. Former Black Tulip product was definitly on the techno edge, not the sort of sound spinning out of New Jersey, but the sound you would hear grinding through the streets of Brooklyn!

After an obvious lay over in Newark, we now have a definite offering for the New Jersey Sound Coalition. All the right ingredients are here, a big bottom, a real piano and the fab Hammond organ that seems to be the sound of choice these days. Deep and retro, with enough percussion to fill out the body of this fierce groove!

Now that I have set the mood, let’s add the message from Mr. Wendell A. Morrison Jr. on lead vocal. This soulful tenor delievers his performance with an old school croos between Colonel Abrahams and George Benson. Sing of love, be a white dove, no more war. This message is one to share with your dance floor. (Tim Richardson)


MixMag Update (UK) – March 28 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” White label (TINK!006) review.

This five track 12″ should fulfill the needs of most club DJs. On the A side sits the club and the instrumental mix, in true excellent American Garage style. However flip it over and you are hit with a brilliant synth piano instrumental which has the makings of a dancefloor anthem. Along with this is yet another garage mix and a hard beat mix. Well worth a listen. (SW)

CHART position on the MixMag Buzz Chart: number 10 and 11!!!


Blues & Soul (UK) – April 16 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” (TINK!006) review.

Euro houser that sounds the nearest to some authentic New Jersey dancing than most of them.
More excellent Hammond work in evidence here, which gives it that particular New York quality, but it is what is also constructed with the big bass and slick congas that really pushes this along into the serious side of fast footworking.
The only thing that holds it back for me is that the male vocalist can sound almost operatic on the big notes, so if you are not a fan of the Pavarottis, one of the several mixes is an instrumental loads more Hammond – which is fine by me.(SW)

CHART position on the Hip List: number 30!!!


MixMag Update (UK) – April 04 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” Dutch White label (TINK!006) review.

Raw “Garage” gear with a distinctive New York feel despite its Dutch origins, this follow up to last year’s “Jam on it” is far superior and more accessible. Plenty piano, heavy beats, a “Paradise” male vocal singing “unity” lyrics and a screaming Hammond organ all combine for a sweaty workout that will kick ass in certain venues. Check the flipside mixes too if you’re of a hypnotic preference. (DS)


Melody Maker (UK) – April 13 1991
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” (TINK!006)

… Mention must also be made of the Garage grinder of Black Tulip’s “Song of Love”. Excellent!


DJ Magazine (UK) – May 1991 (JOCKS) The House column
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “A song of Love” (TINK!006)

The first thing on your list ought to be ‘Tonite’ by Those Guys (US MCA), an instant classic put together by The Basement Boys. With all the ingredients that make Ultra Nate’s tracks so good, this is pure dancing music at its best. Wow. It’s all gone deep, really. Like Black Tulip and Wendell Morrison Jr’s ‘A Song of Love’ (Dutch TINK!) a sublime chunk of old style garage that could have been made three or four years ago. But from Holland? Nothing makes sense anymore.

CHART position on the House Top Twelve: number 2!!!
CHART position on the Special Charts Update: number 3!!!


Wild Magazine (NL) – 1990 (by Paul Jay)

Profound in sound
If you have folowed WILD! from our first issue back in December you will already know that our main aim is to encourage people with ideas and talent to start working together to create a strong local scene. I recently talked to two people who are putting those ideals into action by developing their own recording studio and starting a music publishing and record company here in Amsterdam.

José Salvador started Portland Studios around a year and a half ago in a superb location – a disused warehouse facing Amsterdam’s harbour area. Portland houses two sound-proofed studios packed with state-of-the art equipment enabling José and his co-produser Bob Pieck to create the perfect beat. Taking the logical step forward, José (with Bob, Rik Zwaan en DJ Johnson) have started a music publishing and record label to compliment the studio. TINK! Records (Tomorrow is now, Kid !) has just been formed with the intention of developing and encouraging local talent José explains “we are looking for anybody with good musical ideas and talent. Come to us with a demo or even just an idea. We will try our best to expand the idea and hopefully help you make something worthy of release on the label”.

What kind of artists are they looking for? “New sounds and ideas, it can be any kind of music – dance music basically, Hip-Hop, Hip-House, African House – anything! Bob adds ” Yeah wild ideas! wild sounds! thats what we want!”. TINK! has just unleashed their first vinyl offering the wonderfully soulful garage groove of Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it”(see WILD! Issue two) – a good beginning. With a distribution deal a with a major label, Portland and TINK! are starting the decade on the right note. With a further six releases already planned (including a possible Brazilian and House mix -up!) why not get on the act yourself and became a recording star of nineties ! (Paul Jay)


Wild Magazine (NL) – 1990 (by Paul Jay)

TINK! Records (Tomorrow is now, Kid !)
A bass heavy groove recently turned up in the dance shops called “Jam on it (Dance away your worries)” featuring a stunning vocal performance by Wendell Morrison. WILD was interested to discover that the track is not, as it seemed on first hearing, an American recording but was in fact put together here in downtown Amsterdam.

You can find the twelve inch single on a new dance label called TINK! Records formed by José Salvador with the sole intention of releasing quality dance music such as this. José is one of the producers along with Bob Pieck, Rik Zwaan and local DJ “Groovemaster” Johnson. So how come the New York garage sound? “It’s just the sound I like ” says Johnson. “Anyway its not really what I’d call Garage, to me it’s a dance record with Soul”. Well, Garage or not, there is no doubt the record oozes soul. Who is the singer? Wendell used to be in a group called Inner Life along with his wife Marinne Rolle and Jocelyn Brown. They recorded forSalsoul Records in the 1970’s. He did backing on Jocelyn’s “Somebody Elses Guy” as well as working on tracks by artists such as Loleatta Holloway, Arthur Baker and even Culture Cluband Bruce Springsteen! Wendell has been based in Holland for the past 8 months and has already laid his considerable vocal talents down on few other local productions including Valentino’s Corazon and more recent Smile. Check out “Jam on it” though, to hear the man in full effect. (Paul Jay)


Record Mirroir (UK) – June 1990 DJ Directory
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it” (TINK!001 and 002)

On a new Dutch label distributed here via Movement Soul, Inner Life member Wendell is the American production team’s soulfully growling guest vocalist for this boomingly bounding Garage strider, building through piano, congas and organ in its Club Mix and piano-less Organ Dub (120bpm) tighter Radio Mix and corresponding instrumental Karaoke Mix. (JH)

CHART position on Cool Cuts Charts: number 18!!!
Unusual House from Amsterdam with a superb deep organ dub on the flip.


Soul Underground (UK) – July 1990
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it” (TINK!001)

Back across the water to Holland for a debut release on an Amsterdam-based label TINK! Records. Black Tulip’s “Jam on it” has been around for a few weeks but has been fairly difficult to get get hold of. It uses the “Break 4 Love” riff but so slow in the mix as to be almost unnoticeable, together with uplifting Gospel vocals on the Club side and piano and organ mixes on the dub. Deserves more attention and should get it a soon-come remix.


I-D Magazine (UK) – July 1990 (Club Soundtrack – July’s Essential dance records)
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it” (TINK!001)

Soulful dance from Holland with great vocals and a rolling organ groove.


Wild Magazine (NL) – July-august 1990 (by Paul Jay)
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it” (TINK!002 ReMix NL)

Newly remixed in true pumping Garage style the track we wrote about in WILD! back in February is now set to explode. This is something the Amsterdam scene can be proud of as the record was produced & mixed in the city. TINK! records have employed New Jersey remixer Paul Scott to give the track extra depth in two new mixes the first “Intense” mix sounds very American with a lopeing bassline and jangling garage style piano.

The second is closer to the original track that came out on white label a few months ago. The groove is more defined, though, and the bass heavy! Wendell’s vocals are outstanding throughout and overall production very powerful. You get a dub mix as well for all DJ’s afraid to play a vocal! This record deserves to be a massive dub hit both in Europe and the States. Exciting stuff, and further proof after the sucesses of Tony Scott, King Bee and D-Shake that Dutch dance music is on the move – I can’t wait for the next TINK! release. 

The CD version will include extra organ dub & radio mixes. (PJ) 
CHART position on Mid-Term Report: number 6!!!
WILD’s favourite 20 floor fillers for the first 6 months of 1990.


ECHOES (UK) – July 7 1990 (reviews)
Black Tulip & Wendell Morrison “Jam on it” (TINK!001)

Not the answer to ‘what do you want on your toast?’ but for the liberal minded among you this could be the best thing since sliced bread. Pure dance-soul fun on vinyl. This is grinding Garage – ultra soulful vocals and a wunnerful beat. My carpet’s worn out, my neighbour’s suing me, don’t care this is great! …


September 25 1990 Amsterdam – TINK! CD presentation

On tuesday 25th September in Amsterdam TINK! Records presented in a party and a live show all of its artists and a brand new CD sampler to the press, club owners and DJs, distribution and record store managers, the label staff from EMI UK and other Dutch industry representatives. The presentation of the night was in the hands of the the special guest Norman Jay, a known club DJ from KISS FM, Bass Clef, High on Hope and founder of the Gloval Village label on the UK.


Disco Dance (NL) – November 1990 (door Eric Cycle)
MDA & Lilian Vieira: “Tête à tête tropical (TINK!003-12” maxi)

Op deze plaat is een ongelooflijk swingende Braziliaanse samba te horen, voor de dansvloer geremixed door de Amsterdamse deejays Graham B en “Groovemaster” Johnson. Voor de Houseclubs is Johnson PercaHouse Mix de beste versie. Het nummer is hier van al z’n franje ontdaan, waardoor eigenlijk alleen de explosieve drum- en percussietracks zijn overgebleven. Graham B’s Jazzy Dancefloor Mix en de twee versies op de andere kant zijn vocaal en hebben een wat meer authentiek Braziliaanse touch.

CHART position on HOUSE TOP 10 door EDDY deCLERCQ: number 6!!!
Chart position ECHOES (UK) November 24 1990 JAZZ Chart: number 16!!!


I-D Magazine (UK) – December 1990 (Club Soundtracks – Essential dance records)
MDA & Lilian Vieira: “Tête à tête tropical (TINK!003-12” maxi)

MDA’s Batucada Tropical – Samba House killer from Holland!


Wild Magazine (NL) – December 1990 (by Paul Jay)
MDA – Batucada Tropical (TINK!003-12″ maxi)

An attempt to bring Latin rhythms onto the Club dancefloors by crossing the Brazilian Batucada sound with a House groove. Amsterdam label TINK! have created an exciting and most importantdifferent sound on their second release. Of the 4 mixes, Johnson’s PercaHouse mix is the one getting most action from the DJs. The track is stripped down to basics with bass & percussion the main elements. Other mixes stay closer to a traditional Latin feel with more of a song and Lilian Vieira’s excellent vocals to the fore. Worth checkin’out! (Paul Jay)

CHART position on Dancefloor Grooves: number 2!!!