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Thyone Girls

Keep on pumpin‘” can be best described as House-NRG, it’s full of emotion, drive and excitement, it makes the flames on even the most frenzied of dance floors rise higher, as quoted on the USA CD release on Tribal America in 1994.

Thyone Girls were young women followers of Dyonisus the ancient Greek God of Joy and Ecstasy.

Recorded and produced in 1993 at the Portland Studios in Amsterdam for Diskotech Recordings/TINK! Records.



Thyone Girls

– Keep On Pumpin’ (12″ maxi 001 Diskotech/TINK! /Tribal America /Well Equipped UK 12″ maxi /CD album “Beat Your Meat” /Deep Hard Tribal House /Club IT CD 2 by DJ Marcello and many more …
– More pumpin’ (12″ maxi Diskotech/TINK!Records)
– Take my Energy (12″ maxi Diskotech/TINK! Records)


Thyone Girls: Keep On Pumpin’
Diskotech 001 Maxi Single 12″Thyone Girls: Keep on pumpin'
Thyone Girls: Keep On Pumpin’
Tribal America Maxi Single 12″Tribal America release
Thyone Girls: Keep On Pumpin’
Well Equiped UK edition Maxi Single 12″Thyone Girls: More pumpin
Thyone Girls: More Pumpin’ 
Diskotech 003 Maxi Single 12″Thyone Girls: Take My Energy


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